De Game Steward makes every effort to provide the best quality of shipping to you and all customers.  As part of that effort, we provided (below) a list of helpful answers to many shipping questions.

  1. Geen verzendkosten means The Game Steward will offer to ship your order to you for free.  This offer is generally for orders over $99 US Dollars within the 48 contiguousVerenigde Staten. Free shipping will use US Priority Mail, Fedex Ground, Fedex Smartpost, UPS Ground, or other major courier services.  We can not guarantee your order will arrive in 5 days or less, but most packages arrive in 5 business days or less.  If time is a factor for you, please consider selecting an expedited shipping option at checkout.
  2. Orders which include multiple items will be shipped in a single box where possible.  If the order is too large to fit in a single box, we will ship your order in multiple boxes (at our discretion), at no additional charge.
  3. When an order includes pre-ordeR items and op voorraad items, the op voorraad items will be held in reserve until all items are present in our warehouse, and can be shipped together.  This may result in your op voorraad games being held for several months.
  4. If a combined order of op voorraad items and voorafgaande bestelling items is expected to be delayed by more than 1 month, The Game Steward may (at our discretion) offer customers the option to have op voorraad items shipped right away for an additional shipping fee.
  5. Order responsibility after delivery. De Game Steward is responsible for delivery of your order to your requested delivery address.  The games we sell are typically limited edition items that are non-replaceable.  By placing your order you agree to accept responsibility for the care and storage of your order after delivery is completed to your shipping address. In other words, once the package is documented as delivered by the shipping service, your contract for products and services with The Game Steward is compleet.
  6. If you have any concerns that your package may be stolen after it is delivered, we highly recommend that you request special handling instructionsat the time you place your order, such as a signature requirement, a hold at the local courier facility, or have the package delivered to your office address.  These services may incur an additional charge to you.  Finally, we cannot guarantee that changes to the delivery instructions will be possible after we've receive your order and tendered it to the shipping service.
  7. On rare occasions, the publisher of a Kickstarter game will split fulfillment of a game, resulting in multiple shipping golven.  This often results in the delay of delivery for a portion of the Kickstarter contents offered for sale.  When this occurs, The Game Steward will hold your order until all items are shipped to us by the publisher. De Game Steward, at its discretion, may offer you the option to have each Golf of contents shipped to you as they arrive for an additional fee.
  8. If a Kickstarter game arrives to our warehouse 30 days or more after you place your voorafgaande bestelling, De Game Steward will require confirmation of your current mailing address. We will not ship an order more than 30 days old without affirmative confirmation of your current mailing address. Please make sure to notify us when you move, so that we can update your address in our records, and avoid any delays in shipping your game.  We will attempt to contact you by e-mail and/or phone at least three times.  If we do not receive a confirmation after our third attempt, we reserve the right to continue making attempts or cancelling your order for a full refund.
  9. De Game Steward affirms that it will only ship an order to the address we have on record for your order.  If the address provided by you is old, incomplete, or incorrect, The Game Steward will not accept responsibility for lost package(s).  If the package is returned to us, you will be responsible for any additional shipping charges.
  10. De Game Steward takes great care to ship each package with appropriate packing material to avoid damage while in transit.  However, accidents do happen, and packages can receive rough treatment.  if you receive an item that has been damaged in any way, please contact us right away.  We may ask for photos of the damage to help determine the appropriate course of action.  At our discretion, this may include (but is not limited to) accepting returns for a full refund, offering a partial refund if you decide to keep the game, or offering a replacement copy.
  11. For International orders,buyers are responsible for all taxes, fees, customs, and/or tariffs that may apply.De Game Steward is a small business, and we have no knowledge or expertise of taxes or fees imposed by (or in) other countries.  It is the buyer's responsibility to understand the appropriate laws and shipper policies that may apply, and what taxes or fees may be incurred by purchasing an item from The Game Steward.
  12. For International orders, The Game Steward will fill out the customs form with accurate information regarding the sale price of game(s) sold.No deviations from the accurate amount and no exceptions.  
  13. De Game Steward ships all orders with online tracking numbers. Our e-commerce system automatically sends an e-mail with tracking information when a package ships as a courtesy to you. Echter, de Game Steward takes no responsibility if you do not receive a tracking #.  If you don't receive a tracking #, and you are concerned about when your package will be delivered, it is your responsibility to contact us and request one.  This is especially true for International Orders.  If a package is returned to us because you do not pick it up at your local post office/customs office/etc., we will charge the actual cost of postage to ship it again.
  14. De Game Steward makes every effort to ship a game in a timely manner.  Our commitment to you is to ship an op voorraad game within three business days of receiving your order. Echter, there may be occasions when we are unable to meet this goal due to heavy workload or other circumstances.  We do not accept any liability for a delay in shipping your order.  For orders in which the customer selects an expedited shipping option at checkout, we will make every effort to ship the game the same day, or within one business day.
  15. De Game Steward makes every effort to fulfill pre-ordered Kickstarter games as timely as possible. Echter, wij kan niet control when a publisher will fulfill our order.  As a matter of experience, we have learned that our orders tend to ship toward the end of the Kickstarter fulfillment period.  If the knowledge that your friends who backed a Kickstarter campaign may receive their game several days or weeks before you do, you may want to reconsider ordering from The Game Steward.
  16. Once a game arrives in our warehouse, it takes some time for us to process the order and prepare pre-orders to ship out.  This may take anywhere from 1 business day to 2 weeks, depending on the size of our order, the number of components needed to be shipped, and the number of pre-orders to fulfill.   Accordingly, we cannot make any guarantees about how soon your order will ship once a game arrives in our warehouse.

Other Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  1. Does The Game Steward offer Free Shipping?
    1. Yes (see above)
  2. Doet TheGameSteward sell games in languages other than English?
    1. No, currently TheGameSteward sells games only in English.
  3. What is a pre-order vs a regular or in-stock order?
    1. EEN voorafgaande bestelling is when you order your game prior to the publisher releasing the game.  A pre-order will be fulfilled and shipped once the game publisher has shipped the game to us, TheGameSteward.  Then we will ship game to you.  A regular order is a game already physically op voorraad Bij TheGameSteward.
  4. Waarom een ​​pre-order kopen? Waarom niet wachten tot het spel op voorraad is.
    1. Een game aanschaffen voorafgaande bestelling is handig als het spel populair is en waarschijnlijk wordt uitverkocht voordat ze in de voorraad zijn. (Dit gebeurt vrij vaak.) Op TheGameSteward, we hebben vaak klanten die een spel willen kopen nadat het op voorraad is om te achterhalen dat er geen beschikbaar is voor verkoop. Wanneer u een game koopt voorafgaande bestelling, TheGameSteward Reserveert eenheden in uw naam die niemand anders kan kopen.
  5. Hoe wel TheGameSteward 'Schip voor waarde'?
    1. Om je geld te besparen, als je meerdere spellen bestelt waar sommige of alle items zijn voorafgaande bestelling, TheGameSteward zal je items bundelen totdat ze allemaal beschikbaar zijn op voorraad en verzenden ze samen. Dit bespaart u geld op verzending.
    2. Als u echter individueel of al uw items afzonderlijk wilt ontvangen, terwijl ze op voorraad zijn, vult u eenvoudig afzonderlijke bestellingen / uitcheckbetalingen in voor elk - of laat het ons weten waar u wilt hebben en kunt betalen en kunt betalen gescheiden verzending. Op deze manier heeft elk een eigen berekende verzending en wordt ze verzonden zodra het aankomt.
  6. Zijn TheGameSteward Prijzen verdisconteerd?
    1. Alle voorafgaande bestelling games op TheGameSteward zijnVroege vogelspecialKortingsprijzen.TheGameSteward markeert geen spellen bij normale prijs totdat ze aankomen op voorraad.
    2. TheGameSteward heeft ook items op de verkoopof verdisconteerd de voorgestelde verkoopprijs van de fabrikant (MSRP) Waar MSRP beschikbaar is. Opmerking: MSRP is niet altijd beschikbaar, zoals op de Kickstarter-versies van Games.
  7. Wat zijn Kickstarter bordspellen vs retail bordspellen?
    1. Kickstarter is een financieringssite waar mensen projecten plaatsen voor drukte om te financieren (aka 'to back') het creëren van een nieuw item of project. Het publiek vragen om op deze manier projecten / terug te financieren, staat bekend als Crowdfunding. Een subcategorie van Kickstarter is de crowdfunding van bordspellen. Deze bordspellen worden aangeduid als Kickstarter bordspellen.  
    2. De kickstarter-versie van bordspellen omvat vaak extra game-items om mensen te bedanken en te stimuleren om een ​​kickstarter-project te financieren / terug te gaan en het te helpen een voltooide fysieke game te worden. Deze extra's omvatten:Rek doelen -Extra items voor de bordspellen 'Backers, en somsKickstarter-exclusives Extra itemsvoorDe bordspellen 'Backers die niet naar de standaard retailbordspellen gaan.
    3. TheGameSteward is een heel ander soort spelwinkel.TheGameSteward Helpt daadwerkelijk games op de markt te brengen die misschien niet anders wordt gefinancierd.TheGameSteward Pays / Funds / Backs Kickstarter Board Game Projects Maanden en / of jaren voordat het daadwerkelijke game fysiek en schepen voor verkoop in voorraad bestaat. (In vergelijking, vele andere gameswinkels Standard Model is niet om te betalen voor games tot een maand nadat ze het spel al in-voorraad al hebben ontvangen.) Op deze manier en met uw hulp als klanten, TheGameSteward Heeft geholpen de succesvolle financiering van honderden kickstarter-spellen te verzekeren die naar de markt komen en dit zal blijven doen.
  8. Bestel verantwoordelijkheid na levering.
    1. De Game Steward is verantwoordelijk voor de levering van uw bestelling op uw aangevraagde afleveradres. Games verkocht door de Game Steward zijn meestal beperkte editie-items die niet-vervangbaar zijn. Zodra de levering van uw bestelling op uw verzendadres is gedocumenteerd / ingevuld door de rederij in dienst van de Game Steward, u accepteert de volledige verantwoordelijkheid voor het beveiligen van uw bestelling.